Clean and fresh air is essential to good life.The environment with invisible pollutants can cause a large side effect on our health.
Airvita Air Cleaner generates sterilization ions and anions to make air flow clean, to remove virus, pollutants, and harmful materials, and to create fresh living conditions.


Airvita Ions-Ozone Complex Ionization (AICI)

The technology is used to generate plenty of air vitamins in potential difference on the basis of low-pressure method, not existing high-pressure method. Beyond Corona and PLASAMA methods that are applied to most anion air cleaners, AICI, the new technology of Airvita, finds an optimal ion combination ratio of nature.

Airvita communicating with customers

Airvita pursuing natural conditions makes its most effort to apply more innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly concepts to air cleaner. With a mother’s heart and from customers’ standpoint, our Airvita does the best to develop each one of products that can satisfy everyone.

Innovative Personal Management of Airvita

Multiple patents & Various Test Reports

Awarded national and international prizes and certificates, Airvita boosts its image as a firm specializing in air cleaner products. With the acquirement of multiple patents, certificates, and test reports, the unique technology of Airvita has been recognized well.


Simple and Functional Air cleaner

Antibacterial function

This function helps to remove a variety of harmful bacteria in air. According to a test report, Airvita was effective in sterilizing bacteria including various E. coli groups, staphylococcus, and molds, and suppressing their proliferation. It is more helpful in the circumstances with polluted air, pets, and carpets.

Antibacterial function

Bad smell removal function

this function helps to turn thepolluted air clean and fresh. Airvita that completely neutralizes bad smells in air was found to remove bad odors, such as smoking smell, various food smells, and toilet smell according to a test report.

Bad smell removal function

Air cleaning function

this function helps to remove various harmful substances in air, bacteria, and molds. The test report of the function is already acquired.

Air cleaning function


The world’s recognized invention

  • 2005 & 2008 Awarded Gold Prize and Special Prize at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
  • 2008 Awarded Special Prize of WIPO
  • 2015 Won Industrial Service Modal on Day of Invention

Minimal maintenance cost

  • Monthly electricity charge costs less than KRW 100, and no separate maintenance cost is required.

Selective switch function

  • It is possible to make a selection in consideration of inhouse air conditions.

Small air cleaner

  • It is easy to install, move, and carry out, since it is small.

Conveneint use

  • It is very simple to install, and everyone can use the product without any difficulty.


Airvita makes the world healther


May. Received a special award from Ministry of Science, ICT and future planning

May. Received a President's award for excellent industry

May. Received a Grand prize in Korea International Women's Invention Exposition - AirVita Q

May. Received a silver prize in Korea International Women's Invention Exposition - Aeball

Mar. Launched the living room air purifier, Airvita Q


Dec. Released the world's first auto-sensing rechargeable air pollution air purifiers

Nov. Awarded Good Design of Design Korea in 2014

Oct. Awarded the gold medal, 2014 Trademark-Design Right

Sep. Released car air purifier air stick

Aug. Accompanied Design-K of big&small business forum


Oct.Acquired advanced technology, product confirmation from MOTIE
Good Design, Grand Prize
NEW S AirVita released
AirVita Air Purifier for Car USB-13 released

Jul. Korea Digital Management Competition - Grand Prize

Selected as Small and medium Business Corporation Family company Sold on Home & Shopping, CJ Shopping

May. Selected as AT&D Korea Brand


Dec. KPSA Product Safety Management Award

Jun. Research Center established

Feb. Selected as Hi Seoul Brand


Nov. Chang Yeong Sil Industrial Technology Award

Oct. SMB Researcher Female Business Owner Award


Jun. AirVita CEO Gilsoon Lee appointed as KIPO advisor

May. Geneva International Invention Contest – Gold Prize, Special Prize
World Women Invention Contest – Special Prize
World Intellectual Property Association – Entrepreneur Prize
The 43rd Invention Day – Presidential Award


Dec. Large export to Germany QVC home shopping


Nom. Sellected as SMB with Innovative Technology by INNO-BIZ

Sep. SMBA's SMB Technology Contest - Award certificate


Dec. 2005 Korea Patent Technology Competition - Bronze Medal [Korea Invention Promotion Association]

Nov. Korea Womens Invention Association - Bronze Medal

Jul. Europe FCC certification

Jun. Research Center registered (INNO-BIZ)
CE certification

May. Selected as venture business
MCIE 40th Invention Day - Award certificate [several 58241]

Apr. Goyang-si Promising SMB certification & Gyeonggi-do Promsing SMB certification
2005 Geneva International Invention Exhibition - Gold Prize, Special Prize for design

Mar. Selected as an exporting company
UL certification [Underwiters Laboratories Inc.]

Feb. JET socket safety certification, Japan


Oct. Chosun International Idea Invention Exhibition - Bronze medal
2004 Germany International Idea Invention Exhibition - Bronze medal

Aug. ISO 14001 Environment Management System certification

Jun. Seoul Regional Public Procurement Service Award

Mar. ISO 9001 certification