Fresh Air

Anti virus

Get certified

Easy Control Design

Airvita Q can be used easily by everyone.

Depending on indoor air conditions,

you can turn the dial left or right simply to change the mode.


Economic Product

The product consumes less electric power (1.5W) than a miniature bulb (2W). Therefore, with the use of all days in a month 24 hours, monthly electricity charge costs less than KRW 100. It is a very economic product.


For Everyone

Airvita Q is suitable to

adults, children, and other family members

who need fresh air.



How to clean the air cleaning part

Unplug the product. Hold the main body and the air cleaning part and then pull up the air cleaning part to separate from the power connection part.

Put neutral detergent in lukewarm water to make foam. Soak the air cleaning part 5-10 minutes. After that, shake it enough to remove pollutants. Wash the part with running water or clean water sufficiently.

Once the air cleaning part is washed completely, it should get dried over 12 hours (in the case of hair dryer use, over 30 minutes are required.).

Hold the completely dried air cleaning part with hands, and connect it to the main body for use.